My Baby Poncho - Nursing Cover

Hi Everyone!
This is My Baby Poncho collections. This baby poncho is very convenient for all breastfeeding mothers as it covers the front & the back of your body. The current baby breastfeeding covers that are available on the market today only covers the front part of your body. From my own experience, I need full coverage (front & back) from prying eyes while I'm feeding my daughter. This baby poncho is made from 100% cotton material & and it will make you & your baby comfortable during nursing. Just slip it on without the hassle of clips or buckles. It also has "peek-a-boo" neckline, so you can watch your baby is nursing.
My Baby Poncho starts at a very affordable price of RM50.00 (price may vary depending on the designs & fabrics)
For inquiries or order, you may email me at or sms me at 017-3559947. You can also visit me on Facebook (my baby poncho store)